Between dermal changes

The interaction between dermal changes, loss of subcutaneous tissue, bone loss, the action of facial muscles and gravity lead to changes in the morphology and contour of the face, 1 that is, the face is flaccid Night Comfort Review, loss of malar volume, fall of the angles of the mouth, loss in the definition of the jaw and cervicofacial bands.

If we act on each of the molecular mechanisms of aging, or the visible consequences of aging, we can correct and / or prevent the damage caused. Thus, sunscreens prevent photodamage; Antioxidants prevent the damage caused by free radicals Night Comfort Review, which are the ones that initiate the aging cascade.

Retinoids increase collagen production; the lasers induce collagen production, and the fillers correct the loss of volume and also increase the mechanical tension, leading to an increase in TGF-β and an increase in the production of collagen.