weight loss programs

It is no secret to anyone. Only thinner people who lower calories – with adequate nutrition or physical activity, or both together, which is much better. Even those who indulge in fad diets – soups, moons, celebrity physicians, and celebrities – know deep down the rules for seeing the scale go down. But not only with restriction and workout does one lose weight. You have to put your head in favor of the process. Weight loss Keto Burn requires behavior change and before it a cognitive change, a transformation in the way of thinking.

Do not just turn the pages. The beginning of the year is marked by propositions: I go on a diet, go to the gym, stop with the beer. After the first month, many people have not even started. A lot of people have already given up.

For the systemic psychotherapist Aline Rodrigues, such promises are fed by those who do not want to waste the new time to give more strength to some proposal. “But it’s not a date change that will make a difference. With the turn of the year only the desire is renewed “, warns the psychologist, who is dedicated to weight loss Keto Burn programs.


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