Permanent weight loss

Judith helps individuals change the way they deal with eating, acquiring more functional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and changing the relationship they establish with food. In the most recent book, it teaches the skills needed to achieve permanent weight loss Dietonica. It is in the proposal of the American psychologist that are based most of the programs of slimming with the support of the cognitive behavioral therapy.

In the Psycho-Behavioral Support Program (Proapce) of the Minas Gerais Institute of Endocrinology, for example, the patient has 10 sessions to get in touch with remodeling techniques of the saboteur thoughts that serve as triggers for the act of eating. Another focus is learning new behaviors, self-knowledge, improving self-control, and managing anxiety and stress.

For psychologist Halina Rezende, coordinator of Proapce, in cognitive behavioral therapy aimed at weight loss Dietonica Review, the patient first needs to see what is happening with his body. “He does not have a notion, otherwise he would not weigh 90, 100 kilos.A person who wants to lose weight needs to get in touch with this reality because it is common for them to have a distorted body image.Often only when they lose weight can they realize what weight they have” , explains.


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