Head to your body

By sending signals from your head to your body, these movements can strengthen the communication between your brain and your muscle tissue Healthy Life Garcinia. Stand on your left leg and raise your right arm. Lower your torso and raise your right leg behind you. Return to the starting point. Do 10 repetitions on that side and change legs.

The exertions stand out in the best of the senses: they are unilateral, so you can not compensate if you have more strength in one leg; they promote balance and activate the abdomen; In addition, as they are compound movements, they put more than one joint to work at the same time. The ones shown below will make you move in multiple directions, a key piece for any warm-up.

Stand with your feet a little wider than your shoulders and your hands on your head, take a step backwards with your left leg as a gesture and turn your torso to the right Healthy Life Garcinia pause and return to the starting position. Do all the repetitions on that side and change.


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